Garden Isle // Kaua’i

I slept under the sound of rainfall on the roof. The screened in room I am in lets in the sounds of the night and a gentle breeze as the brief torrent passes through. I dream of buoying in the ocean, watching the fish below, paddling out to the breaks and my body is weightless […]

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Part III: Yosemite

Although our viewing of the Canyon was short, we were able to stay until the stars came out. The brightness of the moon made their light dimmer but, on the upside, it made the snow glow so that even in the dark we could see quite far into the canyon.  We started our  descent, back […]

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Friendship is a Well

The rain was pounding the pavement and my windshield as Joy and I drove to the airport.  “The Portland rains have welcomed me from afar ,” I thought and as I ran thru the airport to catch a plane for which I was terribly late, my heart was beating right out of my chest from […]

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