Clinic Three: Los Canucos

Today was the first time SCORE took a medical team to this village. We set up in a park, underneath a gazebo since there isn’t yet a church there. Of all the people we have seen, this population was the most needy–physically and spiritually. Working with this population touched us all in a different way […]

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Clinic Two: San Pedro

The set up today took a little longer, there was already a large crowd waiting for us when we arrived. I always think of Jesus in times like this, coming through a crowd of people in need and He walking calmly by, seeing right thru them into their hearts. What a wonderful thought that He […]

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Clinic One: Honduras Village

The morning began with a prayer walk. It’s something I haven’t done before, but it was refreshing to prepare even my own heart for what was about to take place. We prayed for the people we passed in the street for the families living in the houses we walked by. Then, thanks to Dr. Evan […]

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Sun Day

Church this morning was wonderful, we sang a few of the spanish songs I grew up on, and how lovely to hear our Dominican brothers and sisters singing those words and to join them in the praise of our Savior! Some of us stayed for the sermon in spanish and others went with Dr. Bob […]

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Morning Reflections

A sliver of light came into our window at 6:30 this morning so, we rubbed the sleep right out of our eyes and made a walk to the beach (only a few miles from us) before church. The streets were empty and there was that fresh morning smell in the air…dewy and salty and comforting. […]

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You Are Here

The intercom buzzed loudly, waking us from our aerial nap to inform us, like that little star on the map: “You are Here.” We were landing in the Dominican Republic! I sat up and slid open the window, incredulous that we really were here, we had arrived–and only thanks to God in heaven and His […]

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