Route 66 Part 1: Mississippi and New Mexico

The journey began around  eight in the morning, but I had been up since five–restless, expectant and yes, a bit anxious about the trip.  The night before had been laden with goodbyes and as I laid in bed I cried a little. Still, I woke up wide eyed and hopeful for whatever the road would bring. I thought of the last time I did a road trip, I had packed my tiny car with whatever belongings I had, left my college town and was headed to Charleston, South Carolina, with no connections, no job prospects… I just wanted to live there. As luck would have it, I actually ended up in it’s northern sister and thank God for that, because whatI didn’t know is that I needed to live with friends that year.

This time it’s different, the job prospect is the career I’ve been pursuing for years, with a team of people who love the work as much as they do each other. This time, I will be in place that just makes me feel at home, with a community of friends that love God and love life. This time, I am such a different person from the girl driving east all those years ago. Now I drive west and, while I’m leaving much behind, I have much to look forward to.

I came out and breathed in the new year, with all its blank weightlessness, all it’s expectation. It was cold and rainy and I stared at our vehicle which was packed to the brim with Elizabeth’s stuff. Somehow we pushed my stuff into the crevices left and barely were able to shut the hatchback.

Katrina and I talked most of the trip, until my 5 am stunt caught up with me, and I had to sleep again. I realized that this was the first time I had nothing to do but drive, just sit and drive. For the past two months I have been going non-stop, and my body was letting me know—I had already lost most of my voice and was now getting a head cold. I was glad Katrina was driving the first shift. Curled up in the passenger seat, I drifted in and out of dreams until we were at the edge of Oklahoma City our first official stop. Woozy eyed, I stared at the windshield trickling with rain drops, and was glad to be moving forward, literally moving forward, toward the beginning of the rest of my life.

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