Letters: The Sixth Love Language

I spent the evening writing my best friend, we are both not phone people, and writing back and forth seems to work better for us. Plus, I have loved letters since I was a little girl. Mom and I corresponded with several of our friends via snail mail  for years, and nothing was more exciting than hearing our bicycle-riding post man ring his bell at our front door with new mail.  Mom and I would drop what we were doing and race to the door, expectant.

Letters are the sixth love language because, even when they aren’t full of affirming words, they still somehow bring a level of joy unmatched by other mediums of communication.  They are words to keep, words you can read over and over, stories from the sender’s present moments, a thousand words painting their viewpoint on life.  Letters bring with them ink smudges, coffee stains, something from that person’s very world to yours, not to mention the time stamps from the letter’s journey. So write more letters people, spend the extra time, and let the expectation and anticipation begin.



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