Clinic Four: San Pedro de Marcoris and Josiah’s House

Today was a half a day of clinic. This particular community is a bit isolated, walking through the village even, there were fewer homes and less people about–very opposite from yesterday. Crowd control was minimal, and we had the freedom to move at a slower pace. We saw mainly children, with colds and belly aches, and they all wanted to see how our instruments worked and play doctor before we started clinic.

We held the clinic at the building beside the church planted by SCORE, and run by an Argentinian couple. We were able to meet them for lunch, and hear their story. It’s always so refreshing to see how God works in people for the sake for His glory. They answered the call to serve Him in the DR 2 years ago and have been in charge of this church since then.

The other half of our day was spent next door, at Josiah’s house: a house for boys that wouldn’t have one otherwise. They have all come for various reasons, many by family members who can’t take care of them, know their parents are abusive or living a life of prostitution. Bob and Diane Spencer have been “abuelos” to these children for three years, since the house’s foundation. Many of the children have not been in school so they get a personal tutor to get them to the highest grade they can get into at the Christian academy. Bob and Diane have worked hard to give these children the structure, discipline, stability and love that they need. The children have absorbed all of these beautifully, they are kind, and help each other reconcile after a fight. It was sweet to share a part of their lives for an afternoon.

Walking into Josiah’s house put everyone at ease. I has a deep peace about it. They say “hope lives here” and it’s truly felt to the core. Praise be to God for giving these people the call to come care for this little ones he loves so much!

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