Clinic Three: Los Canucos

Today was the first time SCORE took a medical team to this village. We set up in a park, underneath a gazebo since there isn’t yet a church there. Of all the people we have seen, this population was the most needy–physically and spiritually. Working with this population touched us all in a different way that the other villages had, and at first many of us were discouraged that our sharing wasn’t good enough or that we weren’t doing things well. But we forget how the other villages had so much work before we came–a church planted there and people sharing with them for years–so that we could reap a harvest. In the other hand some of us were excited to be able to share he gospel to someone hearing it for the first time–glad to plant a seed. Regardless of how we felt God worked in His own way and by midday Ashley and Alexis had prayed with two people, that believed the gospel. And the rest of us had challenging conversations or ones in which there was a spark of interest in the truth.

In the medical side of things, we were presented also with more complex cases. People being carried in post-syncopal, children needing stitches, machete accidents, and on and on. Hannah and I got a little malnourished baby 3 months old and weighing less than when he was born. I held him and felt underprepared, not knowing what to do. Dr. Bob helped us decide how to best treat this tiny human, but even when we explained the treatment to his family, as they walked away, we wished to keep him with us until he was well, yet all we could do was pray and hope they really will do as we say for the sake of that baby’s life. How similar to him am I, spiritually underfed walking away from the word forgetting that for the sake of life itself, I need to feed it to my soul constantly.

So, all in all after today, we all walked away a little bit more encouraged and enlightened as to the power of the light within us, thanks to Christ–and a little bit more awakened to the reality of a world that is is need of that life light.

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