Clinic Two: San Pedro

The set up today took a little longer, there was already a large crowd waiting for us when we arrived. I always think of Jesus in times like this, coming through a crowd of people in need and He walking calmly by, seeing right thru them into their hearts. What a wonderful thought that He is here, walking with us, in us, being the stillness in the commotion. Hannah and I worked together today and our first patient was a blind man, of 94 years. We held hands to replace eye contact, and I turned my ear closer to his voice. He was an active member of the church where we held Clinic today, Juan 3:16 and he told me of all his ailments, starting of course with his sight. We talked over his medications and we prayed that above all, his spiritual sight remain sharp, that even though he can’t see the world the we live in that he may still see God’s work around him and in him. And as we walked with him to the pharmacy section, he gave little marching dance steps and sang praise songs to God. He’d lost his sight, but not his joy, the light of the sun, but not the Light of the world. Light travels, it moves, and it moves fast. Darkness is the opposite, it’s static, the fact that it exists is not that it grows or spreads, no–darkness is but the absence of light. Knowing that this is the very image Jesus uses for the way the gospel works, that of setting a light in a place where it can travel, where it can move across a whole room and dissipate the darkness made this day one where we were looking for the thin places of the soul where our light could shine through.

As we sat in our stations today we were given that very opportunity and here’s two stories that affected us all. The first involved Josh and David who, along with Hector (their translator) were a team today. They treated a woman who suffered of severe vitiligo and came in complaining of headaches. After treatment they spoke with her of a Jesus that she had heard of, but didn’t really know. Hector took the lead in sharing and at the end of the conversation the woman responded in faith! A similar experience occurred in Ashley and Lindsay’s station. Their patient, a woman with headaches, said she’d felt God call her to him three times in her life and was “waiting for him to come into her heart.” Lorena, the translator in the team jumped in at the opportunity to say that Christ is a gentleman, and He knocks on the door letting us open it. The woman’s eyes lit up and the realization, and she said “I want to open the door!” It is so encouraging to know that perhaps those 3 times before us, someone else, a brother or sister had shared her light with this woman and because of the faithfulness of those that came before us, we were able to reap a harvest of faith.

We can only hope as we continue onto tomorrow by God’s grace, that we persevere in letting the light we carry within, shine through our broken vessels. And as we go, we ask for you at home, to pray for a paved way in the hearts of the people we will come in contact with and that in action and word we can bring glory to our Father who is in Heaven.

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