Sun Day

Church this morning was wonderful, we sang a few of the spanish songs I grew up on, and how lovely to hear our Dominican brothers and sisters singing those words and to join them in the praise of our Savior! Some of us stayed for the sermon in spanish and others went with Dr. Bob for an english sermon. Pastor Natan, spoke on Matthew 5, specifically the verse:

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God

He expounded on the fact that the more we pursue the Lord, and as walk with Him, the more we will be able to see His hand working all around us. The renewing of our minds opens our eyes to see God move around and in us daily! It was such an encouragement, not only because it is not our work but God himself who purifies us, but also because the more we listen, the more we hear and the more we look for Him, the more we see. He is so patient with us, and such a pursuer. I am so ready for this week to be such a God-work, I want to be wide-eyed and with perked ears to all He is and will be doing around us and in us.

Church was perfectly followed by our Medical Orientation for the week where we were reminded that we are but a small part of a larger team. I love how Dr. Bob said it,

You are not here to “bring good medicine” to the Dominican people, you are merely the carrot on the stick to bring them into a conversation about the sickness of the soul and the only cure, which is the Gospel.

This was indeed a Sun Day, filled with rays of light on our faces and on the dimmer corners of our souls, preparing us each for what is ahead and bringing us closer together as a team to stand unified in the field: as servants of an incredibly generous and loving Master.

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