Morning Reflections

A sliver of light came into our window at 6:30 this morning so, we rubbed the sleep right out of our eyes and made a walk to the beach (only a few miles from us) before church. The streets were empty and there was that fresh morning smell in the air…dewy and salty and comforting. The sun was well above the horizon when we arrived but its rays were softer and gentler and the ocean greeted us with its song.

We sat on a log and under the light of God’s word.

I read Jesus’ prayer for his disciples in John 17, and once again the fact we are 11, sent out into his world, made His voice, His presence, His heart for us so tangible and so life-giving: “Make them one as We are One, ” He prayed. Unity. My mind flashed back to just a week ago, and how that was the very thing I was struggling with, and not only that but so much doubt as the waves of life rocked my little boat. I looked up now at the waves, tame before their Creator God this morning and see how He knew I would be here at this moment realizing His hand in all of this, no more doubt, no more struggle, just the joy of surrender into His arms.

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