You Are Here

The intercom buzzed loudly, waking us from our aerial nap to inform us, like that little star on the map: “You are Here.” We were landing in the Dominican Republic! I sat up and slid open the window, incredulous that we really were here, we had arrived–and only thanks to God in heaven and His hand on all you people supporting us at home.

We were welcomed to the Dominican Republic by swaying palm trees and a wonderful warm breeze. Dr. Bob and Felipe picked us up and as we carried our luggage outside each, in turn shed off a layer–jackets, sweaters–and let the sun sizzle our skin, and all this time I pray that I also shed off my doubt and let the light of God’s presence in this place invade my soul.

So we climbed onto the bus, and rode to the SCORE facilities exhausted but expectant and then, before meeting the rest of the team ( all 50 of them! ) this afternoon, we had a few hours to walk to the beach and see the beauty of this island first hand. And once again, it was just another unmerited grace, refreshing our bodies and souls with astounding beauty. It has been an incredible start to this journey and we pray (as we hope you also do) that God’s light is all that is seen from our deeds this week and indeed the whole of our lives.

Now off to bed and ready for a new grace gift of a day tomorrow.

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