Take To The Sea

Just finished The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke and I feel the wanderlust creeping in. The story takes us through “an endless summer of trailing coastlines. ” So, from America to Cambodia we taste, hear, see and feel, through the eyes, ears and skin of two very opposite people, the loveliness, hardship and story of each place.  Katie and Mia go through a journey with unexpected turns and discoveries that changes their lives. Two sisters, two trips, both seeking for something, both running away.

The story begins at the end: Mia is found dead in Bali, and we are left, with Katie, to backtrack and decipher what happened and more importantly, how? I found the story riveting, and though it follows a thread of tragedy, the draw is in how the book explores the bonds of sisterhood and friendship, the makings of true family and true love, the facing of fears and, perhaps what charmed me the most, a love for the sea.

The ocean was a center around which most of the relationships in the book formed and grew– Mia and Finn ( her best friend) being one of my favorites in the story. I loved the way they carried their “I have a plan” tradition from childhood into their adult years and although their relationship had its up and downs, in the end they were always there for each other.  {Aside–> while I was reading the book I ran into this perfect song by The Dimes “Love and Oceans” (play below) which, if their coast to coast trek had a soundtrack, this would be it! }

Also Mia and Katie’s relationship of course, “the sea sisters” who throughout the book nurtured and broke their bond at the sea and also with it. They learned to listen to it, enjoy it, fear it, and be soothed and healed by it. Wrapped up in the story I suddenly had this ache to take to the sea and feel the wild waves wash over my own wounds, fears and longings. Hence one of my favorite paragraphs from the whole book:

The air smelt briny and sharp.  She glimpsed the dark curves of distant waves, their arching backs licked silver by moonlight.

She threw down her bag, kicked off her flip-flops and plunged her feet into the sea. The water felt powerful and alive at her ankles, sucking the sand from beneath her toes. She drew in a deep lungful of air and let the whoosh of waves fill her ears […] The sea was a balm. She dived under, dark water slipping over her head […] She broke the surface to snatch a breath, and then dived down again, deeper this time…

So, aside from awakening my craving for travel, these sisters challenged me to take more risks, better my relationship with my own sister and to listen ( I mean really listen) to the world and beauty around me. When I find a book that moves me in that way, I have nothing but high praise for the author. I leave you to it then, to read it and as you unravel the tale, find what chords it strikes within you.

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